Victoria Plum, Model & Photographer

“Every wrinkle tells stories of endless laughs and excruciating cries. It’s so mesmerizing to be able to see someones story in their face.”

Photography by Pierre Toussaint


I was born in Mallorca, a little island half an hour away from Barcelona. I moved to Barcelona when I was 17 due to the lack of work and not enough studying opportunities in Mallorca.

I was discovered there on the street. I decided to start working as a model and begin the journey of traveling. Modeling has taken me throughout Europe, Australia, New York, and Los Angeles. My visit to Los Angeles made me want to stay immediately.

Growing up in Spain is a beautiful experience that overflows you with cultural history and changes you completely. My mom is from Belgium and my dad is half German half Dutch, so I could’ve been born somewhere completely different and turned out to be someone else completely. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to be born in Spain and to be raised in walking distance from the beach. It makes you appreciate things as you get older.

If I learned something from my mom, it is that less is definitely more and elegance never goes out of style. She never put a lot of effort in her appearance, but she always looked incredible. A good moisturizer always was the essential start. She loves to use a turquoise blue kajal pencil for under her eye, to make her sea blue eyes pop out even more. Then she puts on a bit of blush and mascara and that’s it! Apart from that, she always makes homemade remedies for hair and skincare, with all different types of natural products like honey, ginger, eggs etc.

Spanish women, like American women will complain about their aging, but they will not lay underneath the knife for it. They value natural products specially from the south of Europe. They all embrace the beauty of every year they grow older and turn into magical pieces of art. Every wrinkle tells stories of endless laughs and excruciating cries. It’s so mesmerizing to be able to see someones story in their face.


Scorpio goddess…

My mom and her best friend got pregnant the same week and they had my best friend and myself in the cold month of November. Her parents were zen meditation masters, so I was raised with using alternative medicine, meditation and hand placement on chakras as a form of healing. My mom’s best friend never had to see a doctors office from the inside, so I truly believe in it.

I picked up yoga again in 2012 when my godmother started her studio and did a retreat in Mallorca. I enjoyed every single day of the retreat and it introduced me to a different world of meditation, focusing more on the breath, where I learned different techniques.

I used Headspace for a while. It is a an app good for when you’re still using the “I don’t have time to meditate” excuse. It’s a daily ten minute guided meditation with little videos to make it easier for people who just started to meditate. It gives you something “to focus on” while meditating.

My advice is to just go for it. If meditation is calling you it’s for a reason. Start with 5 minutes a day. Take deep breaths and start with being grateful and thanking the universe for something magically beautiful that happened. After a while you will have more mind awareness and you will be able to meditate while cleaning or organizing, which personally is my favorite way to meditate. I can be cleaning the dishes or ironing clothes and meditate.

If I truly meditate, I sit down in front of my altar on a pillow and light up a candle. With the candles fire I light up the palo santo and let the smell take over my senses. I take deep breaths and start with appreciating where I am, getting settled in the moment and thanking the universe again. I normally don’t play music, but sometimes I need the deeply entrancing chantings. I also love tea. It’s my way of making little magic potions by adding beneficial plants or roots to the tea. Rose Hip is wonderful.


Natural beauty…

No makeup is the best makeup, but a bit of concealer can’t be bad for you. I try to only use all natural and cruelty free products. The best way to get the effortless look is actually not giving a F***. A good moisturizer is half of the makeup. I really use makeup to enhance and not to hide. My inspiration is making people think that I’m actually not wearing makeup.

I love the palo santo shampoo and conditioner from Rahua. I wash my hair twice a week. Once with conditioner and the other time I make a hair mask. I swear by ginger-lemon-honey teas mixed with my favorite oil and putting it in my hair. Bye dry broken hair, hello moisturized mermaid hair

-As told to TGH

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