Turn Up the Volume

"The reality is some us were born with the volume and other weren’t."

Luna Bijl by Luigi & Iango

A voluminous head of hair is synonymous with the carefree days of youth. The effortless of those days seem lost. The drugstore shelves carry an endless array of products promising full, voluminous, lifted hair. The reality is some us were born with the volume and other weren’t. Hormones and nutrition can also affect the fullness of our hair. Stress can take a toll as well. There are products however to create the volume desired.

If you have thin hair, cleansing is where the volume begins. Hair with excess oil or product left unwashed can cause hair to weigh down. Dandruff can also cause inflammation leading to hair shedding. So starting with shampoo, Josh Rosebrook’s Balance shampoo offsets excessive oiliness to create volume. Conditioner is a thicker head of hairs best friend for styling and preventing frizz while the nourishing oils in conditioners can be too heavy for thinner hair. Feather-light conditioner for Magnificent Volume by Oribe provides uplifting support.

Before using a hot tool, we recommend Harry Josh protools, specifically the ultra light pro dryer, use Living Proof full thickening mousse or OUAI soft mousse to boost volume and reduce frizz. For texture with volume, Josh Rosebrook’s LIFT hair texture and volume makes styling easy on the go with a bottle small enough to fit in your purse.

Dry shampoo can often be a girls best friend when excess hair oil won’t let up. Try Klorane’s dry shampoo with oat milk. Curling pieces of hair from top to bottom can add volume all around. Texture means more volume. Once applying texturizing hair spray and dry texture mousse by OUAI, blow dry and diffuse. Diffusing can be the key to voluminous hair. It will create texture and thicken the look of the hair. Time to turn up your hair.