The Hair Legend Oribe Canales

"Hair in Oribe’s eyes felt like a way of self expression for the ultra feminine."


Legend Oribe Canales, hair stylist to the supermodels and celebrities for decades made big hair a movement. Volume, lift, vah voom! Think Cindy Crawford in the 90’s. In Oribe’s recent passing, we started reminiscing over what are our favorite Oribe products. It’s an extensive list, but who could blame us.

Hair in Oribe’s eyes felt like a way of self expression for the ultra feminine. Styling a woman to possess larger than life hair gave her a larger than life power. I am female hear me roar.

Oribe’s shampoo and conditioner for magnificent volume (thats what their called) are classics. The body building formula is as glamorous as it sounds with packaging to match. Pair with the Volumista mist with the Grandiose hair plumping mousse and you’re in business. Hair will contain a body of its own. Hair fantasy reached.

If you’re a curly or wavy heady gal, Oribe doesn’t leave any head of hair hanging. The shampoo and conditioner for moisture and control are your locks new best friend. Ready to style like you never have before? The Curl Control Silkening Creme accompanied by the Curl Shaping Mousse is a good starter pack. Curls will be hydrated, supple and shiny. We promise. Go further for curls with the Curl Definition Cream and Curl Gloss and Hydration Hold. Both of these will define curls without the crunch, for hydration and shine.

Dying for a blowout, but rather skip the hair damage? Oribe’s Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Creme will do the trick and help your blowout last longer. To see split ends use the Split End Seal. Post blowout add the Straightaway Smoothing Blowout Cream.

Oribe knows beach hair too. Tousled waves are a specialty. The Apres Beach and Shine Spray will take a beach desired hair look to bombshell. Sultry texture is the Oribe fantasy. The Dry Texturizing Spray is possibly as famous and well known as the man himself.

Thank you Oribe for all you’ve done to fulfill our ultimate hair fantasies xx