TELA Has a Serum Called Curl of My Dreams... Need I Say More?

“If your styling routine consists of a diffuser, as it does for most curly girls, the serum is for you.”

via @1800kate

Having curly hair can feel like a daunting task of shampoo, conditioning, hair creams, gels, serums, diffuser, air dry and repeat. Will it turn out to be the curl of my dreams today or am I going to have a bad curl day? There is no guarantee. It may look pretty when it magically works out after major efforts, but only one curly girl to another would understand her struggles.

I've been trying products for curly hair nonstop. My life is an endless journey to discovery for the sake of curls. At this point it is my life's mission because it really is hard to tame curly locks and take care of them without drying hair out to frizz ball proportions. I love hearing advice from fellow curly headed sisters as much as I love giving it. Today I have some advice to give.

I recently discovered Tela Beauty Organics and their curl specific haircare. The blend of Solomon’s Seal, an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for its moistening properties, plantain, marshmallow root and reishi mushroom, work to defrizz and repair curly hair while restoring shine and smoothness. Tela replaces water that is in most companies formulas with oolong, green and white teas for an extra boost of antioxidants.

All of these ingredients are found in the curly shampoo and conditioner. Both are hair detanglers, prevent color fade, soothe and strengthen the scalp and provide heat protection. The shampoo and conditioner look and feel like honey and like honey, replenish moisture plus create manageability for curly locks.

Curl of My Dreams, the curl boost anti-frizz serum give curls shine thanks to the quinoa protein in the ingredients and adds bounce. Since frizz is a result of a protein/water imbalance, the protein content makes sense. The Pelusi Ceramide Complex also found in the serum, is a moisture rich ingredient providing hydration, strength, and nourishment. The serum also provides protection from styling tools which may be one of the biggest bonuses to the product. If your styling routine consists of a diffuser, as it does for most curly girls, the serum is for you. Most serums have been designed for hair straightening. Finally a serum for curls.

Tela is very different from any curl products I have used. The conditioner looks like honey and does not have the thickness I am used to from other curly conditioners. The serum for my hair is not the only product I use for styling. I always pair it with a hair creme. With that said, I love using Tela. I found sticking with the shampoo and conditioner routine for a couple weeks, gives my hair the best results. Always thankful to brands creating new formulas for curly hair.