Remedy For Hormonal Breakouts

"With a $54 price tag for the mask and after $100 facial, I am full invested in "adulting" when it comes to skincare."

Model Leore Hayon Photography by Michael Blank


I love a good clarifying clay mask. Especially in the dreaded time before my period where hormones seems to flare up my skin. It is not just the monthly pimple or two, my skins texture actually feels inflamed or even rashy. A clay mask doesn't suffice. The way makeup lays on my skin during these times of the month is even frustrating. I feel like a giant raging hormone or my skin does at least.

In attempt to be more adult about taking care of my skin, I've started the routine of getting monthly facials. I found someone I really like and trust (her skin seriously glows which seems to be a good sign). As she examines my skin, I'm open with her about my skin troubles and to my surprise she completely relates! I'm not alone. She tells me its important to have serum with vitamin C and about a face mask by Eminence. She uses it every month herself, as it soothes hormonal skin.

With a $54 price tag for the mask and after $100 facial, I am full invested in "adulting" when it comes to skincare. The Eight Greens Phyto Masque -Hot is a gel like texture with little green leafy pieces. I was warned before applying that the mask would turn my face red, but it would fade in a couple hours so it is best to use before going to bed. I coated my face in the cool gel mask and felt my skin heat up. Almost as if all the blood was rushing to my face. Honestly it felt as if I had been laying on my bed with my head turned upside down for a while or the way my face turns red in a hot yoga class.

After ten minutes, when the mask dried, I washed it off to see my skin flushed and plump. My skin felt so soft and appeared and also felt replenished! I've used the mask many times since and it has dramatically improved my skin. Leave it to the skin experts to stir you in the right direction.

To break it down, the Eight Greens Phyto Masque - Hot stimulates and revitalizes dull, mature skin. Organic extracts of yucca, hops, stonecrop and growth factors diminish hormonal breakouts, fine lines, wrinkles and inflammation. Who knew a mask could do so much? Paprika extract stimulates blood flow to detoxify, hence the skin redness. Vitamins A, C, E and coenzyme Q10 fight off free radicals. All Eminence products are sulfate-free, gluten-free, organic, cruelty free, paraben free, vegan, natural, and phthalate free. I'm super curious to try more Eminence products as it seems to be a company for integrity and that works! For now I'm using the Eight Greens Mask weekly before bed. Goodnight!