Plump Hydrate Renew

"This is everything my skin desperately needed in the sun and ocean everyday.”

via @thegirlhabit


Dr Roebucks is a sister owned skincare company based in Australia. When I think of Australia, I think of the beautiful ocean, sun kissed skin and pretty much a permanent vacation. Unfortunately when on a permanent vacation, your skin can suffer. While in the North Shore, Oahu,I brought along some of my new Dr Roebucks products including the Bondi Hydrating Mist, the Icebergs Hydrating Mask, and the Ningaloo Firming Serum.

Every girl loves a good facial mist, especially one to lock in moisture. The mist is packed with Kakadu Plum, a powerful Aussie super fruit, Vitamin B3 and Cucumber to protect and calm the skin. This is everything my skin desperately needed in the sun and ocean everyday. The mist created a beautiful, yummy smelling glow and is a wonderful base before applying makeup and/or serum. The Ningaloo Firming Serum is a copper peptide serum to help firm and improve the elasticity of skin for a refreshed look. It is a beautiful blue color and is as weightless as when floating in the ocean. Inside, the pure Copper Peptide is powerful antioxidant to help stimulate collagen, increase skin renewal and strength, and reduce the signs of aging. The plant based Hyaluronic Acid is anti-aging, helping to smooth and plump skin, decreasing the appearance of fine lines and increasing moisture retention. The Australian Banksia Flower also helps to plump the skin and improves texture and tone.

Since skin hydration is the ultimate goal, (hydration equals glow) before starting the day or going to bed, The Iceberg’s Hydrating Mask is an essential part of the trio of products. The ultra-hydrating infusion of Red Algae, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Chamomile Extract helps to attract and draw moisture deep into the skin for a soothing and calming effect. Apply a thick layer to clean skin and leave for 10-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. I used this every other day and it is also great for spot treatment to target areas of dryness. Give me the dewy glow Dr Roebucks!