Makeup Artist Kris Jung Talks Brooke Shield's Brows, Dewy Skin, & Retro Glam

“As a makeup artist, I am always trying to create Brooke Shields eyebrows on everyone. I will spend 20 minutes if I have to, constructing a whole new brow!”

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I grew up in a very small town in the Bay Area that was predominantly Caucasian. My ethnic background is pretty straight down the middle European, and Asian. I didn't really identify with being Asian until my teen years. I think I sort of had an identity crisis with my heritage, but always a clear idea of the kind of person I am and always wanted to be. I have one beautiful older sister who looks nothing like me. We shared a bathroom and I would sneakily, (even though she totally knew) try all of her makeup, hair products, and even steal her Bobbi Brown 'Teenage Beauty' makeup book. The obsession with makeup and making it look the most natural started there.

I studied this book (Bobby Brown Teenage Beauty) like it was my right as a female. There was a list of basic items to build a 'Baby's first makeup kit.' The items I felt I needed the most were clear lipgloss, mascara, baby blue eyeshadow, an eyelash curler, and body glitter.

I convinced my mom to let me wear makeup at 10. I curled my eyelashes and wore mascara, but it pretty much stopped there. I got my first zit in the 5th grade and then begged for concealer. I also pleaded for permission to shave my legs. My mom absolutely protested this. One day in the summer after a friends birthday party, I made her physically look at my legs in the car while the sunlight peered through the passenger window, highlighting all of what I felt was no longer cute peach fuzz! She finally agreed with me and just said, "Wow okay yeah, you're hairy."

Music and film completely influenced me as a person. My dad was obsessed with 007 movies, and our favorites were the ones with Sean Connery. I thought the Bond girls were so cool. The definition of beauty and sex appeal. I watched so many old movies and listened to the best music with my dad. He grew up in the 60s and my mom grew up in the 70s. I found my love for both of these eras in their high school yearbooks, in my dad's CD collection, and the last bits of memorabilia they had.

My retro aesthetic has seeped into every aspect of my life. My apartment looks like a swinging 60's shag pad, my outfits are mostly outdoorsy 70s tomboy looks (even though I am the farthest from a nature girl). So naturally, my favorite hair and makeup looks have a retro influence as well.

As a makeup artist, I am always trying to create Brooke Shields eyebrows on everyone. I will spend 20 minutes if I have to, constructing a whole new brow! It will depend on the subjects brow hair type, but I use a combination of brow pomade, powder, fiber gel, and clear soap to get the most brushed up and thick texture possible. Besides brows being center stage in my looks, I must have glowing skin. If the skin is matte, I'm sad!

When I first started doing makeup I had a pretty simplistic approach. Doing makeup in San Francisco where I started is such a natural face beat, it really is the bare minimum. My move to LA has me going for a more glam face highlight, taking time to do a few individual lashes to really transform the eye, and of course, using more luxury products.

My favorite way to apply makeup is specific to the product I'll be using. I have a favorite brush for every product because I'm a total nutcase. Some of my all-time favorite brushes for applying cream and complexion products for level 10 snatchery are:

The Bdellium 953 - For subtle cream highlighting, foundation, cream blush, blending out cream contour, etc.

The Bdellium 948 - My favorite brush to apply all types of creme and liquid foundation and more specifically, liquid highlighter.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Brush - The SOFTEST, cutest brush ever made. The brush visually speaks for itself. I am a massive fan of everything Tiki, so this brush really came out of my dreams. It is best for the most subtle whisper of blush, lightest application of finishing powder, and also created for bronzing. I even like to knock a little contour color on with this brush if the face shape will allow that!

My skincare routine the cruelty free way...

When it comes to applying flawless makeup on someone else, I begin with a 3 step skincare routine. I start with removing extra oil or makeup with Koh Gen Do Spa Water. Next, I mist the skin with Avéne Thermal Spring Water for sensitive skin, or for dry skin, I will go for Pixi Glow Mist. The last step is moisturizing, and I really take my time to let the moisture sink into the skin. I might even do a lymphatic drainage massage that I learned from Charlotte Tilbury. For normal to dry skin, I use Jao Brand Face Cream. This cream is made of 99% naturally derived ingredients so it's pretty safe and healthy to use one everyone. If I'm trying to control shine, I use the Elf Clay Mattifying Lotion. The mattifying lotion is completely genius and only $8. The skin stays completely hydrated but doesn't sit on top of the skin and provides a lot of emollience I need to let the foundation or concealer glide on while staying matte.

For my personal skin care routine, I can NOT live without:

Caudalie Beauty Elixer - It has changed my skin for life. It smells like a dreamy spa in France. It locks in my moisture before I prime my skin for makeup and seals in my night cream for when I go to bed. This is always the last step in my skincare regimen.

Pixi Glow Tonic (CF)- A cult favorite toner. I have used this for almost 2 years. This product has a very small amount of AHA so it is very gently correcting uneven skin tone, keeping any breakouts at bay, and keeping my face the softest it ever has been. I recommend this product to almost anyone asking me what I use on my skin.

Face Hero Go-To Oil (CF) - A oil I love right now. I mix this oil with my night cream, use as a primer, or mix in for a super glowy foundation look. It has all kinds of amazing natural ingredients and smells like a yummy nectarine.

Missha Sun Milk - Suncreen I've used on a daily basis for years, but I found a new love! I use Secret Nature Calendula Primer Stick SPF 50/PA++++ now to prime and protect my skin in one step. It smells fresh--not like an obnoxious sunscreen smell, and leaves my skin powdery soft for long-wearing foundation application.


My personal makeup looks are so simple...
The most important feature of my daily makeup is lots of glow. I use a liquid highlight and then a micro-fine powder highlight for extra definition. My favorite hero product of 2018 is the Rodin Luxury Illuminating Powder. I use this on my brow bone, my eyes, cheekbones, above my eyebrows, in between my eyebrows, really just anywhere it can go! Of course, I need to have those bushy Brooke Shields brows too. I change up how I do my eyebrows all the time because I keep finding new ways of fluffing them up. Right now, I'm super obsessed with the Elf Beautifully Bare Sheer Tint Brow Gel in Medium (CF). This formula works specifically with my stubborn, straight, half Asian brow hairs that don't want to do anything but lay flat sideways. This tint really keeps all my brow hairs up, and it's $5!! I go in with a q-tip or concealer brush to catch the extra color around the brow and start with shaping my brow with Benefit Precisely My brow in #6. The rest of my routine depends on my day or how I'm feeling. If I have time, I go for a matte pastel shade on my eyes, usually coral, or taupe. Keeping my color palette pastel with my eyes or lips and add a healthy dusting of bronzer all over my face. I love Hoola and Hoola Lite by Benefit Cosemtics. This keeps my look in the 70s era. At night if I want more glam, I will pat glitter onto the ball of my eye or even put glitter on top of my cheekbones.

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