Is Custom Haircare the Answer?

"Prose is a custom haircare line producing specially made products for your hair and your hair only."

Andreea Diaconu Photographed by Cass Bird


I never realized how many factors there are when it comes to haircare until I answered questions in the Prose’s consultation. Prose is a custom haircare line producing specially made products for your hair and your hair only. In order to create products designed for my own unique hair I carefully and thoughtfully answered the questions.

I always thought of hair as curly, wavy, straight, thick, thin, damaged, healthy, dry, colored and not much in between. Prose gets in there. They ask questions down to your exact zip code because your shower water can carry different minerals affecting your hair. They also consider the pollution in your city, the weather (humid or dry), hair texture, hair thickness with example drawings based on amount of scalp seen when hair is parted, how often you use styling tools, scalp dryness, and hair goals such as shine, volume, smoothness, and curl definition.

To end the customization, I requested vegan, gluten free and silicone free products. My order included a hair mask, shampoo and conditioner all sulfate free, paraben free, dye free, mineral oil free, GMO free and cruelty free. Prose is not short of integrity. These are the things I want my hair products to be in 2019. With my order, they asked the fragrance I preferred. Signature scent thank you very much and off the order went to be produced in New York. Ingredients coming from as far as Korea and France. Fresh for my hair and to be used within three months after receiving.

They did warn me of silicone free products but I'm trying to dump the silicone along with the guys who aren't worth my time. Silicones add sheen and make hair look silky soft, but can damage hair overtime. Hair products with silicones can lead to product build-up in the scalp, especially if you use conditioner frequently. I personally condition a lot.

The ordering process felt very scientific. The hair consultation had me thinking. Is this the answer to all my haircare troubles? Upon receiving Prose, I had a an envelope with pamphlet saying "For Leore" on the front cover. Inside was my hair diagnostic, hair goals, product directions, and ingredients listed. The products themselves had my name on the label with my zip code and desired outcome for each product such as clarify, moisturize and shine enhancement.

The mask was directed to be used once a week and before shampooing. My only disappointment was the sizing of the shampoo and conditioner. For the amount of hair I have and how often I wash my hair, it will not last long and this could become an expensive habit.

I will admit, I've been extremely satisfied with the results of the products. The mask consistency feels fresher and cleaner than any mask I have every used. rose ingredient integrity is a very comforting feeling. I think what feels so good aside from the results, is the feeling of a personalized homemade-like product.

Prose has taught me to be further conscious of ingredients. I'm now aware of the ingredients suiting my hair due to their full ingredient transparency and explanation of what ingredient benefits are. In all honesty, I've been willing to spend on my skincare routine for expensive oils and serums in little containers for years, so maybe it's time to do the same for my haircare routine. Custom could just be the answer for all products. My advice is to use them sparingly so they last. Time to invest in haircare.

- By TGH

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