Favorite "Hair" Performances at Coachella 2019

"Hair is just as much apart of self expression as the music and the fashion."

As much as I love the music at Coachella, I also love the styles I see and the performers have stepped up their game like no other. I particularly paid attention to the hair styles. Hair is just as much apart of self expression as the music and the fashion. It ties in the artists mood and what they convey in their performance. Here are my standouts!


A wavy high pony with embellishment around the top is giving me all the feels. Rosalía is not only one of my favorite artists but so is her hair! For those hot summer days and nights, a high pony with voluminous waves is the perfect way to frame an angel face. Add an embellishment around the top of the pony to really wow.

Selena Gomez

Selena came out and joined DJ Snake for a surprise cameo and her hair made major news. Full long hair ran down her petite frame with a thick french braid gliding down the front. I want this hair everyday of my life. It was bohemian and ultra feminine.


Maggie Rogers

Maggie always has this effortless 70s feel. She is a rockstar with the beachy hair. Her golden waves flowed across the stage and fell down her back. Long hair really never goes out of style. Beautiful and feminine are the words that come to mind thinking of Maggie Rogers and her hair.


Sabrina Claudio

HOT HOT HOT! I love Sabrina's music and I love the sex appeal she exudes. I'm also a big fan of the natural waves she is always rocking. As her dark locks framed her beautiful red pout on stage, I fell in love all over again. The middle part was simple perfection. Curls are beautiful and sexy and Sabrina proves just that.


Ariana Grande

Of course the queen of the festival is going to make this list. She never disappoints with the slick back long cascading ponytail, but it was her metal hair band accessory was the statement. The powerful metal band matched perfectly with her outfit and gave a strong message. Like a powerful angel, she came to slay Coachella and she sure did.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 4.47.22 PM.jpg


Curls, more curls and more curls! H.E.R. is an artist of insane talents and I'm a fan of a lot of hair, so naturally I'm a big admirer. This hair style features half the hair up in two pigtails. H.E.R. added some gold string accents gliding along her endless curls. Her hair blowing in the Coachella desert wind gave me all the feels.


Rosalía (Part 2)

I can't not mention Rosalía's pigtails for the J Balvin performance. The hair was so playful and full of energy. Dare I say it was even sexy. Wavy pigtails are what make being a girl so fun. It was a contrast from the high pony from her solo performance. The wavy texture in both her Coachella looks is just everything and more.