Do you meditate? (In the shower)

"Self love and gratitude is a meditation practice you can adapt into your shower routine. "

Daria Werbowy Photographed by Juergen Teller


In between shaving my legs, washing my hair, and scrubbing away dead skin, I find myself standing still underneath the shower head as hot water pours down my back. It's relaxing and especially in the winter makes it that much harder to hop out onto the cold floor.

The water running down your naked body in the shower can be healing and help rejuvenate your mind and body. I discovered quick meditations for the shower so we can still conserve water while we cleanse.

Pick out a soap you really love. A scent to relax you. I love Dr Bronner's Pure Castile Soap in Lavender. As you wash your body repeat a mantra. One of your choice. Meditation is never rigid. A couple examples of mantras could be, "I cleanse away my anxiety and self doubt." "I cleanse myself so I feel at peace." As you rinse the soap off, imagine all the negative energy and thoughts going down the drain. Imagine the water sealing in your mantra and protecting you. Embrace its comforting warmth.

Self love and gratitude is a meditation practice you can adapt into your shower routine. While washing a specific part of your body in need of extra self love repeat, "I love you. Thank you." Take deep breathes and allow yourself to feel the love and weight of the mantra towards the area you cleanse.

The cerebellum chakra is located on the back of your neck. To unlock creativity, stand facing the shower head and allow the water to run directly onto your neck. Be still and present and feel the sensation. Take deep breaths to remain centered.