Design.Me Hair is TGH Approved

"Sometimes I discover products and they become staples in my everyday hair styling routine. I found some of those by Design.Me Hair."

via @thegirlhabit

I love trying new hair products. It has become a hobby of mine. Sometimes I discover products and they become staples in my everyday hair styling routine. I found some of those by Design.Me Hair. They worked so well on my curly locks, I thought maybe they contained the nasty chemicals I’ve been keeping away from for years. But hurray! Design.Me Hair products are vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, cruelty free and even gluten free!

The Puff Me volumizing shampoo and conditioner can be used on all hair types. My curly hair loved this duo. The conditioner was extremely hydrating. I brushed it through and noticed my texture looked very similar to the effects Olaplex has on my hair (Olaplex is my favorite favorite). This is major! The Conditioner lightly coats the hair cuticles to prevent breakage, fights frizz, detangles and volumizes. What more could I want from a conditioner? Hair styling starts with the wash. So I'm right on track!

Following the shower, I generously sprayed the Fab Me leave-in conditioning spray. Think of it as a lotion in spray form for your hair. The benefits are endless, including detangling, reduced blow drying time, static reduction, color fade protection, split end smoothing, breakage prevention, environmental protection, frizz control, conditioning, added shine, enhances volume, leaves a silky feel, hydrating and strengthening. I wasn't kidding. It is a spray that does it ALL and a rare product to find. It is the spray I never knew existed because it does everything.

For my curly girls, you are in for a treat with the Bounce Me curl balm. It is light and doesn’t leave hair crunchy. It is enriched with Argan oil to create frizz controlled bouncy curls, intense hydration, heat protection, and a velvety feel texture. I really love Oribe’s curl control silkening creme and the Design Me’s version is just as good! The price is also way better!

If you’re a serum girl, Design.Me also has you covered with the Gloss Me formula of oils and proteins, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E to make hair stronger, fuller and healthier. The serums main ingredient is cannabis sativa seed oil which is pretty cool. The serum adds shine, fights frizz, heat protects, seals in moisture, prevents breakage and split ends, and softens hair. The serums isn’t too heavy. Like all Design.Me products, the texture is just right.

Don’t let the packaging of Design.Me or the lower price throw you off. Sometimes a pretty package or higher price makes us believe the product is superior, but Design.Me is offering incredible product at an affordable price.