Buy These 3 Drugstore Hair Products If You're Sick Of Washing Your Hair

"Today, we have a hair product to cure every hair woe."

In a recent Q&A I did, I noticed many girls writing, asking for my favorite drugstore hair products. With the more affordable price tags, shopping in the drugstore with my mom was the only option growing up. I used

Garnier Fructis for perhaps half of my life, as it coated my hair with a thick gloss. Admittedly, I'm less familiar with the CVS's and Walgreen's hair isles today, so I took a trip to check it out. What I found was an endless array of hair products and companies. There was even a section for curly hair products with many companies specially for African American hair. This was never around at my local drugstores growing up. I spent about an hour eyeing and reading the products usage and ingredients. Not as many companies were suflate and paraben free as I'd like, but I was very intrigued by the endless product options, including many hair masks.

Today, we have a hair product to cure every hair woe. If you want to wash your hair less, fight frizz, seal split ends, protect color, enhance texture, create volume, hydrate, prevent damage, style in any or everyway.. you get the point.The drugstore is products galore. So how do you chose?

What is nice about a drugstore hair product is the low price. Less buyer shakes so to speak. But if you discover the golden hair product then you really have something to brag about. "Oh thanks, its Tresemme and only $5."

I’ve been a huge fan of Playa’s New Day Mist. Saving time on washing my hair and being able to bring it back to life with a single product is one hair product every girl needs. Roaming the hair isle at CVS, I gravitated to Tresemme’s In Between Washes product line. The first that caught my eye was the style refresh All-In-One-Spray. The formula instantly hydrates and tames hair. When spraying it onto my dry frizzy mane, it immediately restored and styled my unwashed head of hair. The oils in the spray are thicker than Playa’s and the comparing the two as Tresemme’s is $5 and Playa’s is $24, there is something to be said for sure regarding price point.

The In Between Washes line also offers the Smooth Renew Anti-Frizz Cream which is literally every textured hair girls best friend. I followed up after using the spray with the cream and it complimented it beautifully. I used the cream in areas where I had the most frizz. The cream wasn't too thick and spread easily on dry unwashed hair.

If you have $5 more dollars to spend, which i did, the Curl Revive Styling Foam will do just what it says and then some. The foam adds texture and volume. Truly disguising my unwashed head of hair and I only spent $15 for three hair products. I feel accomplished saving time and money.