Be My Valentine? With Love From TGH

“Today I received a little Valentine's letter in the mail, signed "your secret admirer." Upon reading the note it immediately brightened up my day.”

Bella Hadid Photographed byVenetia Scott


I've had my fair share of Valentine's. Usually a bouquet of red roses delivered to my place with a sweet note to melt my heart. Nothing gets a girl more than sweet gestures of flowers and sweet nothings. This year is is a different story. I'm a single girl taking a break from the dating world. However, today I received a little Valentine's letter in the mail, signed "your secret admirer." Upon reading the note it immediately brightened up my day. So I thank who sent it for lifting my spirits up. With all the mystery, I'm fairly certain it has to be one of my best friends.

As I sit alone writing to you, eating a box of chocolates with my secret admirer note in hand, I’m asking myself what do I want for Valentine’s Day? Firstly, all my TGH readers are officially my Valentine because you have given me the biggest gift of your undying support and friendship. So what can we do for ourselves?

Surprise Flower Delivery

From Farmgirl Flowers of course. The ethically grown flowers support farms who pay living wages and avoid harmful chemicals. Farmgirl wraps their bouquets in hand-tied reused burlap coffee bags from local roasters. The seasonal flowers are unique and beautiful. The bouquet is designed with love and shows in every arrangement. Who sent the flowers they ask? “Oh I sent them to myself!”

Steal My Heart with a Lipstick

Winky Lux Steal My Heart Lipstick Pill is the love you can plant on yourself. I'm obsessed with this heart shaped lipstick. It makes me smile every time I use it. The duo-core gives a buildable just-been-kissed flush. If you aren’t receiving any attention today then pull this lip out, everyone will be asking you about it.

Hot and Sweaty… Yoga

I’m a hot yoga kind of girl. Hot 8 Yoga is my favorite place to practice. For Valentine’s , nothing sounds more sensual and self loving than working out my bum and abs in a yoga sculpt class. Hot 8 has a special singles class promising a red rose, cookies and champagne post sweat. I’m not kidding. Like I said. I love this studio.

Buy it

Come home and online shop. Is there a piece of Bagatiba jewelry you really want? A bag on The Real Real? There’s an outfit from Réalisation Par I personally am dying for. I’m just going to get it. It is my Valentine’s day and yours too! Shop responsibly.

RomCom with a Side of Mask

I’m planning to watch The Holiday and put on a face mask. Ah the pure bliss of being a female. Simple nights in like this are always restorative. In case you cry, invite a friend to partake in the festivities. Single gals are always here for one another. Them and cupcakes. So get one of those too.

Valentine’s Day as a single girl really turns out to be a treat!