Alessia Cara Embraces Her Natural Curls

"She said there were times she wanted to look like everyone else because people would say how frizzy her hair was so she started to straighten it."


Alessia Cara says there isn't one way to look beautiful and she is right. I first fell in love with Alessia from hearing her song (you may have heard of it) "Scar's To Your Beautiful." The message of the song really resonates, especially in a culture where we are all constantly bombarded with images of unrealistic perfection.

What instantly stood out about Alessia aside from her beautiful song, was her appearance during the performances of the song. She wears her hair naturally curly with no makeup. How refreshing! Obviously as a fellow curly girl, I felt so happy to see a young woman embracing her natural texture. Alessia always looks as if she lets her hair do its thing without over-styling it.

I read in an interview on Glamour with Alessia, about her mom, a hairdresser trying every style and every color on her hair when she was growing up. She said there were times she wanted to look like everyone else because people would say how frizzy her hair was so she started to straighten it. I personally don’t remember anyone ever telling me how frizzy my hair was and it was frizzy. I have photographic evidence. But I too straightened my hair all the time growing up. So much so, I started to damage it.

I first started researching about Alessia Cara to write about her beautiful natural curly hair and how she embraces it. To my surprise, I found out something unexpected. In her early teens, Alessia started losing her hair, coming out in chunks in the shower.

She worried of what people would think when they noticed patches of hair missing. Kids in school would point out these patches because as we all know, kids can be mean. She tried every hair style to cover her embarrassment.

My heart broke reading this interview. Here is a girl with a beautiful voice, a beautiful song with a powerful message and natural hair which drew me even closer to her and the last thing I thought I’d discover was her struggle with hair loss. I immediately found her even more beautiful if that was possible. Her scars and her vulnerability with them is what I now realize drew me to her. Not just her natural curls.

Alessia still struggles with hair loss but says she’s learned to accept it. I would imagine being in the public eye can exacerbate anxiety when it comes to her hair. I’m a model and an actress and being in front of the camera has personally heightened my anxiety. Alessia lives by her “Scars To Your Beautiful” song. She says after being worried of the angles people would take pictures of her, she’s let it all go. She doesn’t care anymore and doesn’t try to hide it. She is a girl who naturally lets her hair dry. I can relate.

I’m happy to read Alessia loves her curls. Every girl, like her and myself included, have felt not good enough or beautiful enough. If Alessia can teach us anything it is to embrace yourself and be gentle on yourself and others.