A Saturday in Malibu with Free People Movement

“As I looked down the cliff and around to the beautiful views of Malibu, my heart raced and filled with energy. I kept saying "I did this! I did this!" In that moment I was Spiderwoman.”

Photography by Brittany Brooks

I was lucky enough to attend a Free People Movement event at Point Dume in Malibu this past weekend and what an adventure it was. I signed up for paddle boarding and rock climbing, so I came prepared to show up open minded and ready to push myself.

Sometimes I like pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I consider myself apart of the Free People family as a model of theirs, but I didn't know anyone coming into the event. Excited to meet new friends, I immediately starting socializing. Not to mention, the weather was beautiful, so waking up early on a Saturday morning had its rewards.

First up was rock climbing. Literally climbing this big mountain at the very end of Point Dume. I have been to Point Dume many times, but it never crossed my mind that one day I would climb it! I have some experience rock climbing, as I was formerly trained as a camp counselor to be a ropes course specialist. I take pride in once knowing how to tie the fancy knots and belay. The girls who belayed me from Wave Huggers (I climbed multiple times on different sides of the mountain) were my biggest cheerleaders. Because I had some experience they put me on the hardest side first. It was a pure adrenaline rush. Somehow I didn't overthink it. I believed in myself. I was determined and supported by the women around me.

Rock climbing is very special because it is a metaphor for life. I honestly feel like I climb a mountain every day of my life. Every step I crawled, mentally had great measure. I calculated my leg distance, my feet grip and where my hands would land to give me the best leverage to eventually make my next step. Rock climbing is a mental puzzle. It is only you and the mountain. What I found in my climb was that it never mattered if I made it to the top or not. There was enough accomplishment in taking just one step further up. Interesting because in life, like most, I'm always measuring getting to the top or the end as the end goal. As I looked down the cliff and around to the beautiful views of Malibu, my heart raced and filled with energy. I kept saying "I did this! I did this!" In that moment I was Spiderwoman.

Next on the agenda was paddle boarding. I admitted at the start that paddle boarding is not an activity I excel at. Prepared in my beautiful new wetsuit from Free People, and with the help of the Wave Huggers paddle board instructors, I headed out into the Pacific. At first a little rocky. A wave hit me closer to the shore and I got knocked off the board. I made my way back onto the board and paddled out. The ocean is a place I feel the most at home and at ease. I love swimming in the ocean and the calmness of being out in the water. It is very meditative. I find no coincidence in our connection to the ocean, as earth is made 70 percent of water as are we.

It was a special day as whales had come close to shore for what felt like our viewing pleasure. As I was on the paddle board in the middle of the ocean, dolphins began to jump all around while we paddled. It was so magnificent and surreal. The day continued to stimulate all the senses. I felt great appreciation for the earth, myself, and those around me. I can't wait to go paddle boarding again. I had never really enjoyed it before, but after trying it again, I can confidently say I'm into it.

Sometimes just showing up is the first step. Something I've heard my yoga instructor say many times, but it is so true. You never know what can happen, as long as you show up. If you hear of Free People having an event or any other events you think you could be into, try it out. You could end up swimming with dolphins!

- By TGH