A Party For Your Hair

"Spacejam applies with no fallout, adheres with no glue and dries in minutes."

via @thegirlhabit

They call it Spacejam, glitter balm for your hair, face, body, and nails. I'm more drawn to the hair aspect of it, as it has zero fallout and brushes right out. And I’m a sucker for ways to embellish a hair style. Lemonhead LA has created the fun hair embellishment we didn't even know we were missing. Let's face it, glitter in hair sounds like a nightmare, so unless we were once desperate to make a statement on Halloween with some extra sparkles, we all know glitter is a MESS and is not to be put in hair.

Not this glitter. It is ideal for a party or music festival. But hey, who am I to judge if you decide to wear to work. It might be the mood booster Moon Juice couldn't give you. Lemonhead LA teamed up with Urban Outfitters and Violet Grey to create exclusive colors. Urban's is named Party Favor, pretty self explanatory with all the colors of the rainbow. Violet Grey's is more posh with white gold, and hints of blush called Melrose.

Spacejam applies with no fallout, adheres with no glue and dries in minutes. It is also vegan and cruelty-free, I say try it, have fun with it and glitter your heart out! Lemonhead LA has every color of the rainbow available on their website. No color spared. I also brushed it out of my dry hair effortlessly. It is comforting to know you won’t be finding glitter in your hair for years to come after using.