Self Tanner Was Never My Thing And Now I Can't Live Without It

"The tan was everything I could dream of and my confidence was back!"

Leore Hayon Photographed by Brittany Brooks

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“I’ve never gotten a spray tan,” I proudly say to a friend. Los Angeles is sunny most of the year, so I always find myself sitting outside for 15 minutes to get a little color, here and there (always with sunglasses on to prevent wrinkles). I read a fashion magazine and soak in the vitamin D. It is one of my favorite things to do. The sun in moderation is rejuvenating and I can feel when my body craves it. Honestly, I feel lucky to live in LA, where the weather is mostly pleasant and usually outstanding compared to other parts of the world.

This California girl was recently thrown when all of a sudden LA started experiencing non stop rain. So much so, thank the heavens, LA is officially drought free! But rain means no sun, no tan and no vitamin D. I booked a beauty campaign and my pale skin led to a lack of self confidence in preparation for the photoshoot.

We can all admit how much better a tan makes us feel. Our bodies look better and our skin glows. Victoria Secret models prove that in their lingerie on the runway every year. I started researching natural self tanners. I heard about St Tropez for a long time, so I immediately got lost in a Youtube vortex of videos featuring the tanner with the little self applicator mitt.

There are three different types of St Tropez Mousse formulas. Also can we talk about the name!? I love fabulousness of St Tropez, the place, so I was intrigued naturally. I was torn between the classic bronzing, the dark bronzing and express advanced bronzing. After spending time watching QVC videos where three different models stood, modeling the formulas I gravitated towards the express advanced option. The model had a very natural glow and this formula allows you to control the depth of the tan. As I said, I’ve never spray tanned or used self tanner before so I was entering cautiously.

I ordered the applicator mitt, as it was recommended for an even application. I exfoliated and shaved my legs the day before as directed and my self tanning journey began. I applied lotion first and then swiped the mousse upward with the mitt, starting from my legs and feet and spread the mousse over my entire body carefully and precisely. My butt already looked so much better!

It quickly dried and I put some sweats on so I could go about my day. My option was to leave the tanner on for up to 3 hours and once washing off, the tan would gradually get darker over the period of 8 hours. I decided to leave on the tanner for 2 hours. I was a newbie so I didn’t want to turn this dark awful color I had in my head. I wanted a a healthy looking natural tan.

It looked as if all of the tan had washed off in the shower, but when I looked in the mirror, I noticed a subtle tan. As the hours went by (at this point I had gone and took a yoga class) I came home and saw such a beautiful even tan, I felt ecstatic. I’m converted! I seriously love St Tropez. The tan was everything I could dream of and my confidence was back! The tan lasted and I reapplied a couple weeks later to get my golden glow again. I’m no longer afraid of self tanner. It is up there with concealer in my beauty arsenal now.