4 Foundations From the Girl Who Doesn't Like Foundation

Since "all natural" is the goal, on the days a bit of concealer just won't do, foundation is a girls best friend.

image via @imaanHammam


TGH has approved foundations from over the years. It really is a life of trial and error. No day is the same when it comes to skin. Things pop up. Unfortunately. Since "all natural" is the goal, on the days a bit of concealer just won't do, foundation is a girls best friend. A girl needs options in this department. From minimal to full coverage, there is a foundation for that.

#1 Minimal Coverage

I always have loved Laura Mercier's Radiance Bronze Foundation Primer, but I never thought of it as a foundation until a makeup artist told me it was all I needed. Usually a primer is a product to be applied before foundation, but since this is a bronzer it can act as a foundation. The product is weightless, providing a sheer warmth and is a water-based gel, which I am a huge fan of. Radiance Bronze creates a healthy glow and is enriched with jojoba oil and vitamins A, C and E. Laura Mercier sells this product as a primer to be used before foundation but TGH feels differently. For days we don't need much, keep it light and bronze. I love using this for that tropical vacation glow.

#2 Light Coverage

Full disclosure, I was in desperate need for a foundation that was undetectable and matched my skin tone and texture. I mean isn't that what we always need? I was seeing a special someone and my skin was recovering from prior weeks of breakouts. My skintone was uneven and it needed help. So I went into Bloomingdale's and wandered around the makeup department. I wanted to go more the natural route (something I’m trying to do with all products) so I was looking at brands like Hourglass and then I found my way to Chantecaille. Well let me tell you, on that very day I discovered my favorite foundation ever. I'm not kidding. Chantecaille's Future Skin Gel Foundation is an oil-free gel foundation with an ultra lightweight texture. Honestly, it matches skin texture. It is a buildable formula so if you need a bit more, event though it is light, you can create more coverage. The formula is light-reflecting so it hides the appearance of imperfections. You know how studio lights are used on sets for shooting movies, the Future Skin works like that.

#3 Medium

I was on a photo shoot one day and the makeup artist was using all Giorgio Armani products. Fancy I know. I loved the way the Luminous Silk Foundation looked on my skin. It provided plenty of coverage with a lightweight feel. The foundation is a hundred percent buildable. It really gives a hydrating glow to enhance the skins natural texture. For medium coverage it is a great everyday foundation.

#4 Full Coverage
Some days I just need more foundation. Maybe my skin is acting up or I have some areas from previous weeks that are still fading. Estee Lauder Double Wear is a worry free oil free foundation. The minute I put in on I feel like a new woman. Not having to be conscious of your skin issues for the day is pure bliss. I almost forget I'm even having any issues. There is no better feeling. Am I right? Plus it won't clog your pores. Really is the best of both worlds. What I love so much about Double Wear is that it still lays on skin fairly undetectable. So if you have a date, an important meeting, or you just want to feel good without feeling like makeup is caked on your face, Estee literally has you covered. It is also transfer-resistant so you won't get in on a special someone and it lasts in hot and humid weather. Oh and won't come off in the water so it's vacay proof too! Need I say more?

- By TGH