TGH Favorite Products: June 2018


Boy Brow by Glossier

Stop what you’re doing and go buy this. Your brows will thank you. Boy Brow perfects brows without leaving them crunchy or flaky. It instantly gives brows a boost and a finished clean look.

True Botanicals Clear Radiance Oil

If you struggle with breakouts and you’re not a teenager, Clear radiance oil is the move. It regulates sebum and is great for both oily and dry skin. Skip the moisturizer. All you need is this oil to hydrate and fight bacteria. The first time I used it, my skin immediately started glowing. The oil contains antioxidants and potent antibacterial ingredients to heal infection and revive your skin. 

Nourish Beaute Biotin Gummies

Strawberry flavored gummies for healthier hair, skin and nails. I really enjoy taking these everyday. They taste yummy and are gluten free and vegetarian. Plus the gummies support hair growth. 

Supergoop Invincible Setting Powder in Translucent

I never use powder because it drys out my skin and I much rather look shiny (I call it dewy) but there is always a time when powder can come in hand. Especially as SPF and when you want to set your makeup. Supergoop is a “clean” brand as they don’t use parabens or sulfates, so the formula non drying and has super soft silk finish. 

Collosol No Rinse Cleansing & Softening Milk

I’m always down for a new french beauty product that I haven’t discovered yet. Collosol is a no hassle gentle makeup remover. Adding some to a cotton pad and cleansing the day leaves skin soft. You can also put some in the bath which is a personal favorite because it has a beautiful fragrance and looks like milk in my bath water.