Pamela Tick, Model & DJ

California is better for my skin. And soul. I like to chase the sun. 


We interviewed newly married DJ and model Pamela Tick to find out her essentials when it comes to beauty. Pamela lives a bicoastal lifestyle and we can’t get enough of her. 


East Coast Meets West Coast

The west coast gives me the glow! My sun kissed hair gets lighter there, my skin gets tan and golden, and west coast living makes me want to eat healthy and take care of myself at all times. The east coast makes me need to pamper and watch myself more often. It’s not as easy to stay healthy in all aspects living in New York City. 

New York Living

You have actual seasons in New York compared to LA. New York is pretty difficult for anyone with sensitive skin. I, unfortunately, definitely have sensitive skin and am prone to dryness. So when the weather changes and gets colder, it is important for me to stay moisturized and keep my skin hydrated at all times. I have recently become obsessed with face rollers aka The Skin Gym. It’s a rose quartz roller that you can use on your face to smooth out skin. It is also great for inflammation so I keep mine in the refrigerator for extra love. I just spray Mario Badescu rosewater on my face and then roll for 5-10 minutes daily. California is better for my skin. And soul. I like to chase the sun. 


Her DJ Style

I’m wearing a mini dress and my favorite high leather combat boots! Makeup look is minimal always. I start with a tiny bit of coconut oil for moisture. Then I wait for the coconut oil to seep in and add bronzer, brows, lips, and mascara & I am good to go! Hair would be down natural which is usually half beach waves and half dreadlocks.


Golden Locks

I have cut my hair every 6 months for the last 24 years. For some reason I can’t get myself to cut it again now and it’s been over a year since I let anyone cut it before my wedding. My favorite shampoo and conditioner is L’Oréal Kerastase Chronologiste. If I take a break from that ever I use Oribe! For a hair mask I love Khiel’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Restorative Hair PAK. 


In Her Bag

I keep my Mason Pearson pink miniature hair brush, Elizabeth Arden (fragrance free) Eight Hour Cream, Cannabis scent by Malin & Goetz, and my favorite body oil by NUXE


-As told to TGH