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Effortless is the one word that comes mind with texture. The second word is Natural. 

Model Leore Hayon Photography by Jessie Andrews


Embracing your hairs natural texture can be a bitch. Sometimes it has a mind of its own and falls flat. Whether hair is having an on or off day, it can always use some help. My hair is in the curly/wavy realm and it is almost down to my bottom. It’s the longest it has ever been. Every day brings on a different hair challenge. Because it is so long sometimes it needs help in the volume department. Other days it is extra dry and doesn’t feel like my hair at all. 


Volume starts at the roots. I like to massage my scalp to give my hair a lift at the top. Start by flipping your head over and continually massaging your scalp throughout your entire head. You can do this after the shower or when your hair is dry. If you need to take volume a step further try Josh Rosebrook LIFT for weightless thickening and volume. Apply at the base of the hair and use the scalp massaging technique combined with some hair scrunching. Try Virtue’s uplifted volumizing whip with keratin throughout hair as another option. This whip lifts and expands the hair while building some bounce for texture.


I always avoid using a blow dryer. The water in the shower already tends to dry out my hair in Los Angeles so I hang a towel over my shoulders and let my hair air dry instead of blow drying. A blow dryer creates frizz and static. Everything I don’t want. Excessively scrunching hair with a towel to dry can also create more frizz, so beware. To smooth frizz I apply Mineral Fusion Hair Oil Mist starting when its wet throughout my head or where frizz tends to be the worst (upper sides and very back inside). Spray directly onto hair or spray a couple intro palms and spread desired amount throughout. 


Hydration starts with washing your hair.  Conditioning is my best friend. I condition my hair almost everyday if I want to wear it down and have my waves looking their best. Try Mineral Fusion Curl Care Conditioner or Smoothing Conditioner for frizzy hair. I detangle my hair while the conditioner is spread generously throughout and brush through then rinse. If I’m having a good hair day sometimes conditioning is all I need. 


Effortless is the one word that comes mind with texture. The second word is Natural. Mineral Fusion Beach Hair Texture Spray is just that. All natural ingredients for an all natural look. Spray throughout your entire head of hair and scrunch. It won’t harden your locks either. Add subtle shimmer along with texture with Captain Blankenship Mermaid Magic Sea Salt.

- by TGH

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