Getting All Natural with True Botanicals

The Clear collection is an investment but well worth it.

Model Becca Hiller Photography by Jessie Andrews


At 28 you’d think we’d be clear of hormonal breakouts but myself and all my friends are struggling. We thought that was what our teenage years were for and here we are unable to escape the awkwardness. So since failing at graduating from puberty, all there is to do is search for the perfect face wash and skin friendly diet all while changing our pillow cases religiously. We heard that works. 

At TGH, we love Emily Weiss, founder of Glossier. One day after reading her interview on Into the Gloss, she admitted to struggling with adult breakouts and how True Botanicals Clear Radiance oil cleared her skin. If Emily vouches for a product then the fairy godmother has spoken. True Botanicals has a Clear collection with all natural ingredients. As a first time buyer purchasing the oil to start with seemed like a safe move. The oil contains Helichrysum, an essential oil known as an infection fighting anti-inflammatory that heals wounds and diminishes scarring. 

Once the oil arrived, it was time see what Emily was talking about. After applying the oil to a freshly cleansed face, the wait to blemish free skin was on. Nothing happens over night but the beautiful brown glass bottle and scent alone were spa-like and promising. The oil didn’t leave the skin feeling  irritated or overloaded with product. It was nourished immediately. 

The method to True Botanicals clear collection is not to dry out skin like most acne related products. After all drying skin only increases signs of aging and who wants that. The oil was so convincing after a few days of applying morning and night, following up by ordering the hydrating cleanser and nutrient toner seemed like the next step. The three step routine became the holy grail to fighting breakouts and keeping skin fresh and hydrated. This is not a sponsored post. 

So convinced by this new regimen, it was time to subscribe to all three products. That way they are always waiting at the door just in time for a re-up. The Clear collection is an investment but well worth it. It is not “La Mer expensive” so we can deal. Growing up isn’t so bad. 

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