Cleansing your face is one of the most important steps in skincare.

Jessica Sikosek Photgraphed by Graham Dunn


Cleansing your face may seem pretty straight forward but there are so many factors when it comes to taking care of your complexion. Water temperature, makeup routine, toner, lifestyle, type of cleanser—oil, foaming, milky. You get it. Our status on this one is “It’s complicated.” So lets break it down. 

Cleansing your face is one of the most important steps in skincare. Wash your face with cold water. Not warm or hot and don’t over wash. Stripping your face of all its natural oils is not the answer. Hot water and over washing can do that! No one wants a dry and irritated complexion. 

Ideally we’d only have to wash our face before we go to bed at night but sometimes we need some help in the morning. But first lets talk about types for face wash for your skin type.


Gel face washes work for combination and oily skin because they clear excess sebum from skin. If you have dry skin this type of wash can dry out your skin further. 


Foam face washes can help all skin types depending on their ingredients. This is especially helpful to sensitive skin types and work best for oily and combination skin. 


Cream face washes are the best for dry skin. They do not strip skin of natural oils. Oily skin should avoid cream cleansers. This type also works for normal and sensitive skin.

Skin type further dictates the type of cleanser you should use. Skin texture tells you what ingredients will cleanse your face best.


Berry Extracts contain antioxidants and will leave skin glowing and fresh. Lactic acid will gently exfoliate your skin.

Oily and Combination

Tea tree, lavender, and salicylic acid will remove excess oil and control breakouts. Be sure not over wash to avoid drying out or irritating skin. 


Coconut, avocado, chamomile oil are you should look for. They are highly moisturizing and soften skin.


Use nothing milky cleansers containing aloe vera and rose. Less is more when it comes to sensitive skin. Do not use exfoliants or acids. These will be too harsh on your skin.