"Bye Felicia" She Said to Her Zit

She says “Omg put De La Cruz on it!” 

Photography by Graham Dunn


I’m on a roll this week. I’m zit free and feeling good. Nothing can stop me! I get up at 8 am to take a shower. As I wash my face with water I feel a bump on my cheek. “Whyyy,” I ask. I’m human so like all humans we get pimples. I begin think it is Gods way of punishing me for not going to my cousins birthday. Ok I’m being dramatic but thats how I feel this morning. I don’t have time to fuss about it. I put concealer on it and head out the door. Highly aware all day that the concealer, outside pollution and my mind manifesting a bigger bump is probably going to irritate it more, I start telling a friend about the annoying visitor. I’m a libra so this is majorly throwing my scales off balance. 

She says “Omg put De La Cruz on it!” She explains how this $8 sulfur ointment is her secret weapon against unwanted visitors. I order it on amazon prime through my phone immediately and pay the extra charge for same day delivery. I’m desperate here!

I come home to my beautiful cardboard package of De La Cruz Sulfur Ointment. It says leave on for ten minutes. I left it on until I went to bed for about 5 hours. It did not irritate my skin. I look in the mirror and immediately notice a decrease in size and redness. I can go to sleep calmly.  

I wake up in the morning and notice the unwanted visitor has gotten the message. "You're not welcome." Usually a bump like this would continue to grow the next day but this sulfur stuff has really helped. I decide to use the ointment again for a couple hours before I head out for the day. I leave the house with no concealer and run my errands. Post workout I take a shower and while washing my face notice there is not a trace of the visitor! It has left the town on my cheek. Bye Felicia :)