Being True to Your Skin

I finally found my a skincare line that truly cares for my skin. 

Michelle Trendi Photographed by Graham Dunn

I’ve been seeing True Botanicals advertisements popping up everywhere featuring their beautiful spokeswoman Olivia Wilde. Something caught my eye about the ad. Simple in black and white and Olivia wearing my everyday hoop earrings that I love so much, I wanted to know what True Botanicals was about. As I digged further I discovered women like Emily Weiss, founder of Glossier advocating for the nontoxic skincare line. I thought well if Emily likes it I want a try it for myself. She says the Clear Pure Radiance Oil “stopped acne dead in its tracks.”

I’m always looking for something that is going to “change” my skin. With the occasional breakout I’m never not in between clearing the aftermath of a dark spot from a pimple or preventing the next mishap. I’m a lover of French skincare products. They are light and clean but something has been missing. I have a ritual when I wash my face. There are steps I like to take. Cleanse, tone and then moisturize. When looking at the Clear line of the True Botanicals online store I noticed the ingredients. Some of which are essential oils I specifically know to treat acne. I’ve done a lot of research. These ingredients I had never read on any label before made right in my California home. 

Most acne skin care remedies dry out skin, further aging and dulling the skin. The Clear lines ingredients are antibacterial and nourishing at the same time, including helichrysum, jojoba, algae, and lavender. So I ordered the radiance oil to star, remembering Emily Weiss said it worked for her.  Applying the oil, it smelt and felt like I was in a spa. It calmed me and I could feel my skin soaking in the ingredients. Days later I ordered the Clear Hydrating Cleanser and Clear Nutrient Toner. Overall I was splurging. Not La Mer prices but more then I’m used to spending. I signed up for the renewal every 4 weeks to save ten percent on the overall price. 

Safe to say this three step routine is my new ritual both morning and night. It feels good and the results are undeniable. To be using products without harmful chemicals is a lifestyle I’d like to continue into my makeup routine, but until then my cleansing routine is nontoxic. Sounds like something we should be demanding in all our products. I finally found my a skincare line that truly cares for my skin. True Botanicals for the win. 

-by TGH