Jessie Andrews, Designer and Entrepreneur

Over the years I’ve adapted the lifestyle of ‘less is more.’


“Over the years I’ve adapted the lifestyle of 'less is more.’ I let the sun lighten my hair and not stress about when or what I eat. If you’re happy everything else comes easy,” says Jessie Andrews. Andrews is the woman behind some of the Kardashian and Hadid’s favorite brands including Bagatiba and Basic swimShe is currently in the mist of launching an active wear line, creating a skincare brand, and running Jeu llimite clothing and accessories. The woman is fearless to say the least. Fortunately she has taken her time to tell TGH her beauty routine and more. 



"I wake up, wash & tone my face with my Dr Brussels products then put a light Cetaphil moisturizer on. At night I do the same but I moisturize with Embryolisse. Then my Petiue SPF 30 Face sunscreen. I do a Aztec clay mask when I see I’m getting black heads, then do a moisturizing mask straight after. Sometimes I’ll get extractions or a laser facial just try what’s new out there. Oh! I also have a mini at home micro-current facial machine called the NuFace. I love that I have control over when and where I use it and doesn’t cost $300 every time. It tightens & tones skin immediately.”


In Her Bag

“During the day I carry Burt’s Bees. At night I keep my Nars “Dolce Vita” matte lip pencil. It’s all about the lips!”


10 Minutes or Less

“Give me 5! Anastasia Brow Gel, Clinique matte foundation or Glossier wet foundation, Covergirl Mascara, Nars Dolce Vita Matte lip pencil, Josie Maran highlighter, Marc Jacobs or Nars contour & B&B dry shampoo. I like to look effortless and natural at a big event, I think it makes you stand out more. I add a little extra shine and lip.”



“Lately I’ve been going for a middle part with my hair tucked behind my ears, a big Bagatiba hoop or 2-3 layered necklaces. When I slick my hair back I love an odd shaped statement earring. Always keeping a natural lip, a spritz of Santal Le Labo & something black from Jeu Illimite.” 



“I always put a layer of SPF on and lather myself in coconut oil after, it just feels so right. I spend so much time in the sun that I feel like I was bound to fall into Skin/Sun Care at some point. The older I get the more important I realize protecting your skin is. I’ve been working on Petiue for a long time formulating the right products, not tested on animals, made in the USA, physical & mineral combinations, and majority of products are Vegan. A special formula coming out this summer I’ve been working on for a few years is finally coming to life.”



"I try to jump rope for 5 minutes a day, walk anywhere I can and something active like Pilates or Hot Yoga. I’ve learned that when I stress myself out about being skinny or working out my body retaliates, so I listen to myself and do what I feel that day. I take Juice Plus (dehydrated fruits & vegetable capsule with your recommended daily nutrition intake, not a vitamin) everyday & a Vitamin E to get my oily skin calm.”



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