Do As The French Do

The French invented delicately eating a croissant and looking effortlessly chic while doing so. 


The French invented delicately eating a croissant and looking effortlessly chic while doing so.   As I eat my croissant not so delicately on a rainy day in Paris (crumbs everywhere help), I must share how I’ve also learned French women know how to take care of their skin. City Pharma, the famed French drugstore is the holy grail for beauty products. Models pack their suitcases with these cult favorites after fashion week and I will be doing the same. 

I get back to LA miraculously thinner than when I left (I walked a lot), but I make up for the weight loss in French skincare product pounds added to my suitcase. Already worried of running out of my new favorite face wash by La Roche-Posay I search on Amazon for the French brand. Voila! I find it along with all of new Parisian essentials. France doesn’t feel so far anymore. 


La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Cleanser

This is my favorite cleanser. It minimizes and tightens pores and cleanses skin of excess oil. The gentle foaming texture when applied to wet skin gives a relaxing and deep cleansing feeling. This cleanser is very gentle on skin.


Cattier paris Gommage Argile Clay Scrub

Its milky-like quality from the white clay ingredients frees skin of impurities and is very soothing. This is a gentle scrub that softens skin with jojoba oil and aloe vera. 


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Solution

Cleanses and removes makeup. I use it to take off eye makeup, foundation, lipstick, or just to cleanse my pores. Its ingredients are similar to the skins composition. Instead of drying skin this product leaves skin feeling hydrated, cleansed, and soft.


Avene Thermal Water

Calms soothes and softens skin. I keep a small one in my bag for a quick refresh or if my skin feels irritated. This water for your skin helps restore skin balance and just feels good.


Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream

The milky texture of this moisturizer makes it perfect for all skin types and is a makeup artists favorite. It is very light and doesn’t contain a heavy fragrance. I use it everyday.


A313 Vitamin A Pommade

This is a low percentage vitamin A cream. Treats wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch makes. It is wonderful for treating a zit! Just apply and leave on over night. You can also mix it with your favorite serum.

Ialuset Hylauronic Acid Cream 100g

Hylauronic acid plumps skin and I use it in the morning before putting on makeup because it hydrates and blurs my skin without making it feel greasy. Mix it with a moisturizer if you’d like.