Belle Krol, Artist, Designer and Creative Director

I’m lucky to have full brows, I used to hate them being young but now they are just an easy ready-to-go look that I don’t need to worry about. 


I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, but I have Polish, Italian and Spanish blood, quite a mix. I’ve painted and drawn ever since I can remember. I come from a very free and creative household, my dad is an architect and my mom works in art curation. I think I was born with a weirdness/need inside of putting everything into paper. 

I studied journalism and fashion aesthetics (which is a mix of styling, photography, design, art direction, and all that jazz). So I guess my way to express my point of view was always by communicating it with my art or the photography I direct. 

I didn’t know I wanted to work in fashion when I was young, it all started when I realized the photography of movies moved me so much.  When I was around thirteen, Sofia Coppola’s movies where one of the triggers that made me start collecting photos, inspiration, and doing my scrapbooks and mood-boards. Those, later on, became a habit and my interest in the design became more evident. 

I first got in the states, in New York to be exact, when I was 19 or 20. And it changed my life forever. I attended my first NY Fashion week on that trip, I remember it was still at Bryant Park back then. I felt for the city instantly and I knew I belonged there somehow. All the rest was history, I was in love.

Along the way, I worked with amazing brands and magazines that took me to every country I ever dreamed of going to. I lived a little bit in Paris, a little bit in London, and then NY was a constant for a decade. It was last year, that after a lot of thought and experiences, I decided to come back home to Buenos Aires for a bit and regroup. Sometimes you just need to reset, and put your priorities straight to get to the next chapter in your life and career… well, here I am. :)



Hair wise, I’m in not in a happy place…The process of moving countries once again was stressful enough to make my hair fall a little for the first time ever, and I kind of freaked out! So I’ve been taking Biotin supplements and using this life changing shampoo and balm/conditioner by Klorane. I’m alternating these with my regular L’Oreal ones, or whatever I find that’s new and sounds good. I always look for the ones with no PH in them, some oil extract (and not just the smell!!!) and the more natural ingredients the better. I used to buy some great vegan ones at WholeFoods.

I color my hair every 4 or 5 months, just a refresh to make it a little lighter and brighter. In Argentina there’s a great coloring technique that I couldn’t find anywhere else in the world, EVER! So I try to color it in BA every time I’m here. In the states my hair was damaged a few times until a model friend introduced me to my hair angel, Jenna Perry (at the White Rose Collective), who pretty much resurrected it. Although it was in London where I had my favorite ever color job done at -don’t laugh- Topshop! They have this insanely cool little salon at the Oxford Circus store’s basement called Bleach. Just go, your welcome! 



I love face masks! Although, I’m very tolerant to pain and I can be burning my skin and don’t even feel a pinch. So I’m very careful not to wear them too much.

I have an extremely sensitive skin, anything leaves me with a mark or even a bruise, so I avoid acids, peels, facials or anything like that. 

I have this little tradition of having Skin-Sundays and I’d do a treatment mask then. Right now I’m obsessed with these Charcoal "peel off ones” and I have been using a matcha and clay powder one that you mix with water, let it dry and leaves you feeling like a baby. 

For cleaning my day off, I’ve been using La Roche-Posay’s micellar water, the one for ultra sensitive skin. This one was actually introduced to me by my sister and it changed my routine at night, I love to take a minute to cleanse before jumping into the shower. 

My morning and night routines are pretty easy and quick. In the morning I wear a moisturizer with spf 40, from La Roche-Posay, and I add a few drops of Rose hip oil and mix it if I’m feeling like dull and I need a little love. I love a Clinique tinted SPF when I’m too pale in winter. At night, after a shower and cleansing, I just massage my face with loads Rose hip oil (again!), and that’s it. I’m looking for a good eye cream but everything I’ve tried in the past didn’t convince me. I’ve just got one from Dior and I’m loving it so far.. will see!



I’m VERY boring make up wise, which is actually weird because one of my favorite things to art direct and photograph are beauty stories. But anyway! 

I like to feel clean and natural, I just cannot stand to have much of anything on or I’d feel cakey and dirty all day. 

I wake up and just clean my face with a splash of cold water and pad it with a towel, then I put my moisturizer on with one or two drops of -my life saver- Rose hip oil. That makes my skin glow naturally, I don’t put anything else on. 

I actually love to see a little red toned skin around the eyes so I never wear concealer, but if I go out at night then I do, I can’t stand a night-out-photo where I look like a zombie. I love the NARS concealers for that. My beloved friend and amazing makeup artist Jennifer Nam introduced me to them and those changed my life, my favorite one is called CRÈME BRULÉE which has a pink undertone that I love! In summer I don’t do any of this at all, I feel I have a full face of makeup on with my tan.

I’m lucky to have full brows, I used to hate them being young but now they are just an easy ready-to-go look that I don’t need to worry about. They are naturally very dark, not even my hair is that dark, so there’s another plus. I love Glossier’s clear Boybrow, but again, only if If I’m wearing makeup. I just take a look at them and brush them with my fingertips if they are too messy.

Finally, I curl my eyelashes or else I can’t leave the house. I need to have some lip balm on with me always, right now I’m obsessed with this Palmer’s coconut oil formula one, and I have a Glossier in each and every bag I own. Both of them I use on my lips, cheekbones and sometimes eyelids if I feel dry or something during the day.. I’m weird! 


Night Out

For going out I’m so basic, I’m boring. It depends on the occasion and the season of course, but I like high waisted jeans or leather pants (Rag & Bone, hello!)  with a little silk blouse, or maybe a simple spaghetti strap tank. In summer, I love to wear a cute dress, all of the Realisation Par are the cutest and sexiest thing ever. You’ll rarely see me in high heels, but I’m into them sometimes.

Makeup wise, I’m a sucker for NARS Copacabana highlighter, that one has been my favorite thing for years! And on my lips, I love the Dior lip glow in light pink, it just adds a little shine and it adapts to your natural color making it more vibrant.


Mixed Media

Well, in the artistic field I have stages. Sometimes I draw, sometimes I paint. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed and don’t do anything at all. Same goes with fashion, at the moment, I feel like there is so much information in the web and in our phones, that I needed to step back and barely look at what’s been going on. 

I like to call what I do mixed media, I’m not even sure if that’s accurate, haha! I’m a photo and video art director, but that’s only a title that comes with a job. I feel like being artistic is beyond that, it’s to see something in your brain first, and then organically transform it into something real, it can be a concept drawn on a napkin, a digital mood-board, a photo, a campaign, you name it! For me it represents freedom, it’s my own space to do what I want and almost sacred environment where I thrive. So I need it like air. 

I have so many artists that I admire. Botticelli, Rothko, Kelly, and lots of modern artists too. Designers, I love Isabel Marant, Stella McCartney and Maria Grazia Chiuri, she’s a true artist! All of them are such visionaries.. I also think that what Christopher Bailey did in Burberry was incredible.



Okay, I'm very into this subject actually!  LOL. I’ve been vegetarian for 11 years now, and tried to be vegan but the only thing I couldn’t give up on was honey, I LOVE honey. Anyway! Through the years, stress, overworking, moving, traveling and what not, changed me a lot. Not only mentally but physically. I became lactose intolerant and I have IBS, so I have to be extremely careful with my diet.

I try to buy and eat as much organic produce I can, but I’m not a freak about it, I can survive a non-organic tomato in my salad! For me, the best thing to do is to chill out and not to think about it too much. I follow my body’s rhythm of when and what to eat (I sound really zen about it but it took me years of stressing myself out too much, not-worth-it!). 

I do, tho, have a green juice a day, no matter what. I make them myself, for years now. I’m a coffee kind of girl, but ever since I had to give up on milk the taste of my cappuccinos changed and so did my addiction to coffee. I like almond milk but not that much, so I’ve been having less coffee the past few months. The best coffee in NYC is at The Smile, hands down. Overall, I think eating clean makes you feel your best and look your best, that’s real, and it’s the best diet you can ever have.

Exercise wise, YES! I did Ashtanga yoga for a few years until I started doing Bikram, and that also changed my life. I love it, it’s my therapy, I’ve been doing it for at least 6 years. I also run, if I can, everyday. And this year I started pilates, and I’m so into it!! I think it might be a little pretentious to do everything together, but the endorphins are very much appreciated!