Courtney Coll, Artist

Thank god I have naturally curly hair because I literally jump out of the shower and start my day.

Photography by Felisha Tolentino


I am from Chicago, outside of the city in a suburb called Naperville. I grew up with three brothers, so I was always pushed to the limits with sports. I still find myself always connecting with the dudes (laughs). I currently live in Mar Vista, which was a nice move down from Topanga because now I am not taking an extra 45 minutes to get everywhere. I have a goal in mind of where I want to live one day. I’m working so I can reach my passion of owning a farm of my own. Northern California is my get away place. The mountains are very important to me. I find myself needing them when I get lost in the city shuffle. My meditative stage is still me moving around whether its hiking, yoga, or drawing. I like to stay grounded and thats always best for me to do when I am at home creating and making.

I have a garden in my backyard in Mar Vista and I’m slowly but surely adding more and more daily. Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies, I once considered it my full time job but right now it is keeping me sane living in the city. I am fascinated by the way plants are grown and find it connected to the full life circle, which amazes me that more people aren't growing their own vegetables at home!

My hair care routine is very lazy. Thank god I have naturally curly hair because I literally jump out of the shower and start my day. I am sticking to all natural products which is hard for hair sometimes because you really need to make sure you have a good moisturizer! I am using a mixture of stuff on my face. I love Osea products and have been using a lot of their stuff combined with my witch hazel I brew up. I love my freckles, so when it comes to being in the sun all day I try my very best to protect them. I don’t wash my face everyday, my skin can’t handle being washed too much. I try not to use LA tap water to do any rinsing on my face, so I love waterless cleansers. When I do have my routine time its usually at night. I use a waterless cleaners by AHA! , then I pat down my face with witch hazel, after that I jade roll using Undaria Argan oil by Osea, and to top it all off I end with Advanced Protection Cream to deeply moisten all night. 

 - As told to TGH

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