La Bomba

She looks like she’s traveled the world. And all she needs is in a tiny little handbag.


Ever since Jacquemus la bomba'd into the fashion universe with his beautiful colors and french riviera chic, all I want is to be is a Jacquemus girl. Cindy Bruna is a personal fav and muse to the designer. While exploring the palettes of Jacquemus’ collections, I thought aside from tailoring my wardrobe for Marseille to Marrakesh, what is it about the Jacquemus woman that has such a feminine allure? 

She is confident. She embraces her hairs natural texture. She is isn’t afraid of a color. She’s has a sun kissed tan. She looks like she’s traveled the world. And all she needs is in a tiny little handbag.

So first, I beg the question. What fits in a Jacquemus purse?


The items a Jacquemus woman can’t go without is a lipstick. I’m thinking YSL’s The Slim. Fragrance is also key. The scent of Chantecaille’s Frangipane roll-on eau de parfum. There is room for one more item. Two if you count your room key card! Since the iPhone Xs won’t fit, another practical item is a small french hair claw. 

Accessorize Wisely

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It is really a matter of simplicity. Accessories by Bagatiba. Think a little hoop earring and a necklace to compliment. Nothing overpowering. Sunglasses with a retro flair. Delicate but bold by Prada. Don’t forget a manicure. Perhaps a french tip or a berry red. 

Cindy Bruna Ja’dore

Cindy told Jacquemus his show was the first time she walked with her natural hair. What a beautiful example. To embrace natural texture and what makes a women herself, try Andre Walker's Quench Essential Oil or SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Collection.

Wear a Statement Piece or Color

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If a big straw hat isn’t what you were thinking then wear something eye catching on your bottom half. A shoe that stands out will strut you into confidence. Find a heel or boot with feminine appeal and one that has modern clean lines. I’m thinking a boot by Vince or a heel by Jacquemus. If all else fails walk around with a mimosa in your hair for a touch of color. Olé!

- by TGH