Healing A Broken Heart 101

Everything I did was all mostly instinct while incorporating a whole lot of self love.


My boyfriend and I broke up and here we go again. Heart break = Sporadic crying, an overall melancholy feeling, laying in bed with all the blinds closed. You get it. They all vary depending on the the relationship and how the break up happened, but never the less, break ups suck! 

I’ll tell you whats gotten me through this most recent one. It’s not science but I survived it. Everything I did was all mostly instinct while incorporating a whole lot of self love. Here is how I did it.

Social Media Ban

Stay off it. You don’t want to see that. And the more you go looking for it, the more its going to hurt when you find a glimpse of your ex’s life. I go to the extreme and unfollow and sometimes block on all platforms. Including family members and sometimes friends. It makes the transition easier and prevents you from finding anything that might feel like a stab in the heart. It may sound extreme but it is a great way to take control of the situation and your healing process. You can always refollow, but for the time being it is better not to go there. Trust.


You want a facial? Deep tissue massage? Now is the time. You deserve this time to clear away all the pain. Our emotional center lies in our hips so getting deep in there with a massage will feel therapeutic. We hold so much energy in our hips so let go and relax. After all the crying, a puffy face and dry skin is in need of a facial. Plus we still want to look good. Duh. Even though you’re hurting inside doesn’t mean you have to look it. Take care of your skin and welcome new beginnings. While you’re at it get your nails done. You’ll feel like new.

Work Out

I always get super fit when I’m single. Especially when I have some ish I’m trying to work through. I find inner strength I didn’t know I had. After taking a yoga sculpt class I thought ‘Who was that girl in there?’ If yoga is your thing or hiking or spin class, without hesitation just go. You will always feeling better after a workout. It is a release and a reset. Get your body and your mind right. Hiking is a particular favorite because being in the fresh air and nature is extremely grounding. I swear I had a Rocky moment (I could barely walk the next day) and I genuinely felt stronger. Connecting with your body is one of the most important things you can do. 


Remember that time you were there for your friend when they were going through a break up? Now let them be there for you. There is nothing better then a friend who loves you and has been with you through thick and thin. Telling you all the things you need to hear and letting you cry while they tell you how amazing you are. So go on phone a friend. Rehash the relationship over a glass of wine and get an outsiders point of view. 


Music is your best friend in this time. There is a reason our favorite artists have written the best songs for a break up. Because they’ve been through them too! So turn up that Taylor Swift song or Khalid’s “Another Sad Love Song” and sing those tears goodbye. I found Dua Lipa’s “IDGAF” and “New Rules” to be quite empowering. Write something of your own. I opt for writing a letter or even sentences here and there reflecting how I feel in that moment in time. When I come back and read it they are rather poetic, just sitting in my iPhone notes. Find the beauty in the painful moments you grow stronger through. 


As cliche as it sounds, time heals all. So be patient with yourself. Every day is different. Until one day you’ll wake up and feel at peace. Until then, showers and baths are your oasis so stock up on bath salts, essential oils, and face masks. Pair Coconut Milk Bath Soak by Herbivore with Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes. Next put on a Lapcos sheet mask and your cutest loungewear from Free People and watch your favorite television show. Get some solid zzz’s at night so you can conquer your days fully rested with a smile on your face.